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javascript and java in harmony

Part three of the series on Maven, Java, and Javascript together.

js and maven addendum

Short update on that frontend plugin...

lombok and modern js

A quick look at some technologies I've been playing with.

2016 games

A year in review of the games I've played in 2016.

2016 assorted media

A year in review of the various webcomics, YouTube series, etc that I watched in 2016.

2016 books

A year in review of books and comics that I've read in 2016.

2016 shows

A year in review of the shows I've watched.

2016 movies

A year in review of the movies I've watched.


Possible tool replacements?

more like sunset

An unfortunate update on tools with the recent news about Sunrise.

how i work - february 2016

Quick overview of the tools I use to Get Stuff Done as of February 2016.