2019 games

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (343 words)
A year in review of the games I've watched. A much delayed year in review post.

Like most years, gaming kind of was one of the main things I went through this year. In particular, though, I got on a great kick for visual novels that I found through Itch and that was a blast. Angela He’s work in particular stood out over and over, but I have to give credit for Heaven Will Be Mine starting the trend in the first place.

I do not honestly know why I was playing Pac Land. I must have lost a dare while setting up MAME. I can think of no other explanation.

I did a brief foray back into Final Fantasy XI to introduce Elle to the game, but we moved into Final Fantasy XIV and it has taken up the majority of my gaming time since. Which is always refreshing, honestly, having an MMO subscription means that I don’t feel quite as pushed towards picking up other games and makes it easier to go through my backlog without pressure. I’ve written about XIV a few times (and have a bit more I want to say, especially having now finished Shadowbringers) and I’m really enjoying this second round of playing it after the disaster that was 1.0 and even the early issues with 2.0.

  1. magic the gathering: arena
  2. reactor idle
  3. pokemon let’s go eevee
  4. candyland
  5. yoshi
  6. ragnarok clicker
  7. magic the gathering
  8. maria the witch
  9. kamiko
  10. kenshi
  11. super smash bros ultimate
  12. infinitode
  13. ragnarok online m (eternal love)
  14. wargroove
  15. harvest seasons
  16. weapon shop fantasy
  17. heaven will be mine
  18. va-11 hall-a cyberpunk bartender action
  19. transistor
  20. dwarf fortress
  21. iconoclasts
  22. timespinner
  23. codenames
  24. gemcraft: chasing shadows
  25. creeper world 3: arc eternal
  26. pac land
  27. rimworld
  28. pokemon tcg
  29. octopath traveler
  30. megaman legends 2
  31. hyrule warriors legends
  32. hiveswap
  33. afk arena
  34. final fantasy xi
  35. final fantasy xiv
  36. pesterquest
  37. friendsim
  38. wayward
  39. lieat
  40. ladykiller in a bind
  41. dysfunctional systems: learning to manage chaos
  42. we know the devil
  43. i woke up next to you again
  44. contract demon
  45. there’s this girl
  46. loan wolf
  47. the pirate mermaid (demo)
  48. heart of the woods
  49. mindustry
  50. reminiscence overwrite
  51. one night stand
  52. reset/you
  53. when aster falls
  54. a political marriage