2019 movies

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (216 words)
A year in review of the movies I've watched. A much delayed year in review post.

Similarly delayed, oh well.

Despite watching basically every other Star Wars movie during 2019 and that the end of the Skywalker Trilogy released, we’ve actually still not seen it. Last Jedi currently remains my favorite, followed by Rogue One, so from what I hear I’m very unlikely to enjoy the ending – I know Last Jedi has its problems, but I’m not up for the idea of effectively unwriting the movie out.

Detective Pikachu was way more touching than I was expecting.

Aladdin did a better job than trailers gave it credit for, where they tried to make it seem like Will Smith would be attempting to copy Robin Williams. He didn’t, and the movie is much better for it. The Bollywood-inspired everything came out beautifully and I hope makes some of that style more common in US media.

  1. star wars a new hope
  2. snow white and the seven dwarfs
  3. star wars empire strikes back
  4. star wars return of the jedi
  5. pokemon the first movie
  6. brave
  7. the sound of music
  8. mulan
  9. the great mouse detective
  10. avengers: infinity war
  11. star wars a new hope
  12. star wars empire strikes back
  13. detective pikachu
  14. steven universe the movie
  15. aladdin (2019)
  16. frozen 2
  17. deadpool 2
  18. street fighter
  19. disney’s robin hood
  20. frozen
  21. how the grinch stole christmas
  22. muppet christmas carol
  23. the hogfather