Some assorted links

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Pretending that I post interesting things by instead sharing some links.

So it sure has been a neverending pandemic, huh. Sure hope that it’s possible for it to actually end. It has not, to be clear.

Instead of actually bringing myself to write anything (though I will be! I’m going to be writing up a Spring Security 2 to 5 migration post), I have some great posts I read that I wanted to share instead.

Type systems and lies people tell themselves. This is fantastic, completely recommend it.

I’m picking these ones out of a hat, but I basically devoured Amos’s entire site recently. I’ve fortunately avoided Golang for work myself, but I have done a lot of helping other people troubleshoot it and made a few attempts at picking it up. With generics, it might be more tolerable (and at least would get around a lot of problems I’ve run into with doing so) but at the same time, there are still so many fundamental things about the language that just makes it not for me.

A great takedown of things that are wrong with cryptocurrencies. I’d also completely recommend Line Goes Up by Folding Ideas and additionally Legal Eagle’s introduction to everything that’s wrong with NFTs from a mundane legal perspective.

This is a Twitter thread, and I apologize for that. But what an incredible thread it is – a QA lead at Obsidian breaking down one of the weirdest bugs of their career that was found on Outer Worlds. Having had some bugs of this scale recently (some of which I should really do anonymous writeups of, whew), I’m so glad he shared this.


Okay so I also had meant to write up something about springshell, since it looked like less of a vulnerability than the initial report made it out to be, and… Everyone else came to that conclusion fairly quickly as well, so I didn’t feel the need. I’m also still having to answer questions about log4shell, which has made this a treat of a year on top of everything else.

I don’t have it in me to write up something about the US situation at large right now. All I have is endless screaming, so, enjoy your links.