2016 movies

Alli Grant Est. 3 minutes (570 words)
A year in review of the movies I've watched.

Wow, what a year.

I was glad to fit in Rogue One right at the end, because that movie blew me away. Reviews were calling it as good as Empire, and I’m willing to go that far. Other things I saw called it a case study in engineering ethics, and that’s an incredibly enlightening view of it. I’ve got complaints (mostly around what.. I’m not entirely sure weren’t some offensive tropes?) but overall it was fantastic.

I’m actually a little surprised that I didn’t end up watching all of the Star Wars movies, even though I don’t really like the Prequel Trilogy. I’ll definitely be doing so as my own little tribute to Carrie Fisher.

There was an abundance of rewatching things this year, and I only count the first for this list, but having kids around… I’m not sure how many times I saw Zootopia and Tarzan this year, but I’d almost say ten times each. We also introduced the girls to Nausicaa at the end. It didn’t end up as scary for them as we had thought, though, it probably went over their heads a bit.

The new Ghostbusters has to be one of my favorite things to come out of this year, though. It did the balance between cameo, reference, and being its own movie without falling flat in any of those aspects. It was all about shutting down a dude who whined about not being treated special enough. The extended edition went even further, though inexplicably was also in the running for best dance movie I saw all year.

I didn’t fit in nearly enough Alan Rickman or Gene Wilder in tribute to both of them, and I’m going to miss them both as formative to my sense of humor. Potentially brooding. Maybe both.

  1. star wars: the force awakens
  2. but i’m a cheerleader
  3. die another day
  4. 12 angry men
  5. the princess and the frog
  6. 9 (2009)
  7. burlesque
  8. the lego movie
  9. porco rosso
  10. star wars: empire strikes back
  11. corpse bride
  12. imagining zootopia
  13. mulan
  14. the hunchback of notre dame
  15. ghostbusters
  16. the muppets (2011)
  17. chicago
  18. phantom of the paradise
  19. princess mononoke
  20. captain america: civil war
  21. the book of life
  22. pride and prejudice
  23. the addams family
  24. disney’s robin hood (1973)
  25. willy wonka and the chocolate factory
  26. sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street
  27. deadpool
  28. zardoz
  29. beauty and the beast
  30. monty python’s life of brian
  31. zootopia
  32. finding dory
  33. the producers (1967)
  34. small apartments
  35. monty python and the holy grail
  36. oliver and company
  37. after the sunset
  38. 101 dalmations
  39. hercules
  40. ponyo
  41. mary poppins
  42. castle in the sky
  43. my neighbor totoro
  44. league of extraordinary gentlemen
  45. kill bill vol. 1
  46. kill bill vol. 2
  47. hackers
  48. duck tales treasure of the lost lamp
  49. tarzan
  50. ghostbusters (2016)
  51. constantine
  52. galaxy quest
  53. wall-e
  54. burn-e
  55. mad max fury road
  56. sherlock holmes (2009)
  57. sherlock holmes: game of shadows (2011)
  58. hogfather
  59. pacific rim
  60. space jam
  61. young frankenstein
  62. jupiter ascending
  63. kung fu hustle
  64. kingsglaive: final fantasy xv
  65. lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring
  66. vampire boys
  67. underworld: lycans
  68. titan ae
  69. hook
  70. tomorrow never dies
  71. fantastic mr. fox
  72. teenage mutant ninja turtles (1990)
  73. speed racer
  74. spirited away
  75. the land before time
  76. fantasia
  77. fantasia 2000
  78. spaceballs
  79. guardians of the galaxy
  80. mighty morphin’ power rangers: the movie
  81. rudolph the red nosed reindeer
  82. the muppet christmas carol
  83. atlantis: the lost empire
  84. kiki’s delivery service
  85. star wars: the phantom menace
  86. star wars: rogue one
  87. star wars: a new hope
  88. nausicaa
  89. star wars: return of the jedi