2016 shows

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (284 words)
A year in review of the shows I've watched.

I didn’t start many new shows this year–though I did finally get around to watching The Legend of Korra and Gravity Falls! I’m a bit sad I missed them during their original runs, they were fantastic. Steven Universe was incredible, as usual, and RWBY is getting by without Monty passably enough.

As garbage as most of it is, I had to (?) force myself to watch Portlandia before moving here. Some of it was hilarious, most of it was awful, very little of it didn’t also apply to Austin.

My main news sources, show wise, were Full Frontal and Last Week Tonight. Both of them had a few let downs, but honestly, did a better job than any of the networks I follow that aren’t Al Jazeera. That’s a high standard, to be fair, but what I would expect from the news.

  1. steven universe (season 2)
  2. portlandia (season 1)
  3. black books (season 2)
  4. rwby (season 3)
  5. dennou coil (season 1)
  6. last week tonight
  7. the daily show
  8. late show with steven colbert
  9. gravity falls (season 1)
  10. black books (season 3)
  11. the it crowd (season 2)
  12. portlandia (season 2)
  13. portlandia (season 3)
  14. steven universe (season 1)
  15. the hero yoshihiko and the demon king’s castle (season 1)
  16. steven universe (season 3)
  17. rwby chibi
  18. full frontal with samanta bee
  19. confidental file
  20. casanova
  21. black books (season 1)
  22. rwby (season 1)
  23. avatar: the legend of aang (season 3)
  24. steven universe (season 4)
  25. gravity falls (season 2)
  26. ouran high school host club
  27. pokemon (season 1)
  28. archer (season 1)
  29. star trek: the next generation (season 5)
  30. the legend of korra (season 1)
  31. the legend of korra (season 2)
  32. firefly
  33. tiny toon adventures (season 1)
  34. speed racer (season 1)
  35. fraggle rock (season 1)