2017 books

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (269 words)
A year in review of the books I've read.

Losing Dragon’s Lair as an available comics shop cut down my reading of them dramatically for 2017, but I did enjoy my re-read of Wicked and the Divine to prepare for the newer issues that came out this year as well. It continues to be an amazing comic.

The Spire, which I was able to find a collected trade for, was a huge favorite though. Solve for i was sweet, with a bit of clumsy trans character handling.

I only made it through two books of a “100 Classic Books You Must Read Before You Die” type collection, and to be perfectly honest, the first one in the collection being Little Women was to blame for it. That writing style just.. drags, and even following it up with reading Pride and Prejudice and some of Octavia Butler wasn’t enough to break the bad feelings it left. That was unfortunate.

  1. this is how you die
  2. little women
  3. pride and prejudice
  4. the legend of zelda: art and artifacts
  5. the legend of zelda: link to the past
  6. the legend of zelda: hyrule historia
  7. lady machanika #0
  8. solve for i
  9. unexpected stories (octavia butler)
  10. the spire (#1-8)
  11. rat queens vol 1
  12. rat queens vol 2
  13. wicked and the divine vol 1
  14. wicked and the divine vol 2
  15. wicked and the divine vol 3
  16. wicked and the divine vol 4
  17. wicked and the divine vol 5
  18. wicked and the divine #28
  19. wicked and the divine #29
  20. wicked and the divine #30
  21. wicked and the divine #31
  22. wicked and the divine #32
  23. wicked and the divine #33
  24. haircut (sara goetter)
  25. the wicked queens (sara goetter)