2017 games

Alli Grant Est. 3 minutes (535 words)
A year in review of the games I've played.

This was.. not a great year for me in terms of games. I started a large number of them, but didn’t finish very many thanks to just not feeling like I had the time or energy to do so. I did complete a few more 100% achievements on Steam, with a few other games getting close to it, and I’ll probably try to keep that going.

An outstanding exception to this, however, was Pyre from Supergiant Games. I’m utterly in love with Supergiant and Pyre was no exception. Darren Korb’s soundtrack with Ashley Barret’s vocals continue to deliver, the plot was fascinating, the mechanics of the game’s plot branching so heavily was incredibly well done, and I have to also give them a shoutout for allowing a non-binary lead character. The game felt good.

I beat Kirby Star Stacker again, which was a nice little throw back to ages past. Same with going fairly far through other old favorites, like Misadventures of Tron Bonne or Kirby’s Adventure.

Mini Metro is a great little tablet puzzle game that I spent a decent amount of time in waiting rooms playing. It’s been taken over since by Disgaea 5 on my Switch, but that’s not its fault. Feel the Snow is a more forgiving Don’t Starve that I’ve enjoyed my time with so far and expect to actually attempt to complete in 2018.

I did get back into tabletop, though, with both a wonderful 2e DND campaign and Vampire campaign. The homebrew system for Vampire that we were playing with had a wonderful clan trait for the Malkavians–I couldn’t speak/act out of character during a sesion. Other characters responded accordingly to it every time I did, and it made for so much less ableist of a game that I would heartily recommend it for anyone running Vampire.

  1. idle raiders
  2. factory idle
  3. reactor idle
  4. lovers in a dangerous spacetime
  5. final fantasy xv
  6. borderlands
  7. chroma squad
  8. magic the gathering
  9. labyronia rpg
  10. factorio
  11. borderlands: zombie island of dr ned
  12. borderlands: secret armory of general knoxx
  13. borderlands 2
  14. questmore
  15. production line
  16. starbound
  17. dwarf fortress
  18. shadowrun
  19. vampire the masquerade
  20. love letter
  21. boss monster
  22. codenames
  23. pokemon go
  24. ingress
  25. terraria
  26. adventure capitalist
  27. pokemon y
  28. plantera
  29. tomodachi life
  30. kirby star stacker
  31. oxygen not included
  32. stardew valley
  33. right click to necromance
  34. dance central spotlight
  35. final fantasy xv: a king’s tale
  36. ragnarok clicker
  37. dice of crowns
  38. legend of zelda breath of the wild
  39. blueprint tycoon
  40. convoy
  41. crypt of the necrodancer
  42. mario kart 8 deluxe
  43. rise to ruins
  44. redshirt
  45. punch club
  46. hyrule warriors legends
  47. pyre
  48. topsoil
  49. legend of zelda the wind waker
  50. dr mario online rx
  51. custom robo
  52. billy hatcher and the giant egg
  53. kirby air ride
  54. lost kingdom
  55. the misadventures of tron bonne
  56. lumines psp
  57. skyrim
  58. final fantasy xii international zodiac edition
  59. middle earth shadow of mordor
  60. party hard
  61. windward
  62. kirby’s adventure
  63. supreme commander: forged alliance
  64. feel the magic xx xy
  65. tetris ds
  66. pokemon platinum
  67. meteos
  68. yooka laylee
  69. warriors orochi 3 ultimate
  70. rune factory ds
  71. rune factory 3 ds
  72. mini metro
  73. gemcraft: chasing shadows
  74. dwarf tower
  75. a girl adrift
  76. love nikki dress up queen
  77. idle poring
  78. ragnarok online
  79. disgaea 5 complete
  80. final fantasy 11
  81. vampire the masquerade bloodlines
  82. weapon shop fantasy
  83. mystical ninja starring goemon
  84. feel the snow