2017 movies

Alli Grant Est. 3 minutes (468 words)
A year in review of the movies I've watched.

Wheeew. What a year. Most things being rewatches because of having kids (that’s my excuse, anyway, we all know I’m the one who picked most of the Disney movies) but there were a few outstanding first time watches.

Last Jedi was amazing. I don’t think we’re quite past the spoiler embargo for it yet, it definitely had some problematic things to it, but wow. Holdo’s look was fantastic, I loved the take on Luke’s force powers, that we see Leia with force powers, and just how.. utterly relevant it kept feeling as a movie.

I found Family Reunion online to watch for the first time in years. It’s a silly little short film (with a super racist mom in it, just as a warning) but when I first saw it years ago it felt so relevant to my life.

Super Mario Bros holds up way better than I thought was possible.

We ended the year with a heist movie marathon, and I think that Ocean’s 13 is my favorite so far of that series. I fully expect Ocean’s 8 to take that position over when it comes out.

  1. willy wonka and the chocolate factory
  2. castle in the sky
  3. howl’s moving castle
  4. moana
  5. harry potter and the philosopher’s stone
  6. stardust
  7. beauty and the beast
  8. the land before time 2: the great valley adventure
  9. zootopia
  10. rudolph the red nosed reindeer
  11. sleeping beauty (1959)
  12. mary poppins
  13. snow white
  14. presto
  15. one man band
  16. for the birds
  17. the lion king
  18. deadpool
  19. scott pilgrim vs the world
  20. pirates of the caribbean
  21. porco rosso
  22. my neighbor totoro
  23. the italian job
  24. disney’s robin hood (1973)
  25. mulan
  26. the book of life
  27. treasure planet
  28. kiki’s delivery service
  29. chicago
  30. aladdin
  31. 101 dalmations
  32. underworld (2003)
  33. the cat returns
  34. sherlock holmes (2009)
  35. kung fu hustle
  36. frozen
  37. star wars: rogue one
  38. pacific rim
  39. tangled
  40. star wars: force awakens
  41. hercules
  42. big hero 6
  43. the lego movie
  44. partly cloudy
  45. enchanted
  46. hunchback of notre dame
  47. lifted
  48. sherlock holmes: a game of shadows
  49. lock stock and two smoking barrels
  50. hellboy
  51. the three musketeers (1993)
  52. the addams family
  53. young frankenstein
  54. muppet treasure island
  55. men in black
  56. men in black 2
  57. pirates of the caribbean curse of the black pearl
  58. pirates of the caribbean dead man’s chest
  59. pirates of the caribbean at world’s end
  60. pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides
  61. wall-e
  62. burn-e
  63. brave
  64. hogfather
  65. lord of the rings fellowship of the ring
  66. iron man
  67. captain america the first avenger
  68. thor
  69. iron man 2
  70. the last unicorn
  71. nightmare before christmas
  72. moonraker
  73. captain america the winter soldier
  74. tarzan
  75. the great mouse detective
  76. frosty the snowman
  77. santa clause is coming to town
  78. descendants 2
  79. star wars the last jedi
  80. muppet christmas carol
  81. how the grinch stole christmas
  82. super mario bros
  83. family reunion / godir gestir
  84. the rescuers down under
  85. the rescuers
  86. ocean’s eleven
  87. ocean’s twelve
  88. ocean’s thirteen
  89. after the sunset