2017 shows

Alli Grant Est. 1 minutes (144 words)
A year in review of the shows I've watched.

I didn’t start a whole lot in the way of new shows this past year, but Gravity Falls and Korra were both amazing to finally watch through to completion. We haven’t finished watching Little Witch Academia yet, but I’ve been having so much fun with it.

The Hero Yoshihiko has its ups and downs, but a lot of problematic moments between the enjoyable scenes. I mean, there was a lot of problematic media in terms of shows that I went with in 2017.

  1. rwby
  2. ducktales
  3. sesame street
  4. pokemon
  5. gravity falls
  6. how it’s made
  7. late show with stephen colbert
  8. the daily show with trevor noah
  9. steven universe
  10. speed racer
  11. avatar, the legend of korra
  12. archer
  13. the expanse
  14. last week tonight
  15. avatar, the last airbender
  16. the magic school bus
  17. castlevania
  18. the hero yoshihiko and the demon king’s castle
  19. ducktales 2017
  20. mythbusters
  21. little witch academia
  22. astro boy