2017 youtube series

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2017 youtube year in review

This is a bit of a weird one, but I split «assorted» into both webcomics and Youtube channels so that I could do a bit more honest tracking of what I’ve consumed for media.

I really heavily dropped off on this one, mostly because I forgot that following men tends to be terrible. I’m looking forward to watching a bit more of KatherineOfSky and other women’s playthroughs as I keep track of this.

  • hey ash whatcha playin
  • homestar runner
  • factorio masa (arumba, bentham/mangledpork, steejo, aavak)
  • today i found out
  • tested
  • lindybeige
  • scishow
  • scishow space
  • factorio a rocket per patron (arumba)
  • bob’s big rocket (steejo)
  • let’s play the raft (blitzkrieger)
  • buzzfeed violet
  • vox
  • kurzgesagt - in a nutshell
  • full frontal with samantha bee
  • tom scott
  • outside xbox
  • outside xtra
  • transport fever (shenryyr2)
  • factorio railworld (bentham/mangledpork)
  • factorio towns (bentham/mangledpork)
  • rimworld alpha 16 (shenryyr2)
  • production line (steejo)
  • oxygen not included (blitzkrieger)
  • eu4: ryukyu the three mountains (arumba)
  • factorio refactorissimo (arumba, steejo)
  • eu4: prosperous portugal (arumba)
  • eu4: ideas guy (arumba)
  • factorio abplus multiplayer (arumba, steejo)
  • factorio .15 (steejo)
  • eu4 mt2 granadan grandeur (arumba)
  • oxygen not included season 3 (blitzkrieger)
  • oxygen not included season 4 (blitzkrieger)
  • kingdoms and castles (bentham/mangledpork)
  • oni: oil update (blitzkrieger)
  • rimworld (blitzkrieger)
  • oni: tubular update (blitzkrieger)
  • factorio season 2 (soelless gaming)
  • factorio explorers (katherineofsky)