2018 games

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (423 words)
A year in review of the games I've played.

Next up, we have games. Whew, there were some really good releases in this year in addition to all the older games I finally made it around to playing (and sometimes even finishing!).

Disgaea 5 is hands down my favorite entry in the series now, at least from a mechanical standpoint. The story and characters.. well, they’ve grown on me. I did complete basically all of it other than the Baal fight, so I’m counting it as complete.

I played and dropped a lot of idle/mobile games this year. They were fun until they weren’t, and I just didn’t keep up with them after that.

Monster Hunter World could be the subject of its own blog post. It’s simultaneously my most and least favorite game in the series. Capcom did a great reinvention of a lot of core mechanics, but the early game content just.. isn’t there, especially in contrast to Generations or even 4 Ultimate. I would love to see the armor system get translated to a more traditional Monster Hunter game, along with the automatic crafting, better set management, and.. well, most of the other quality of life changes. Generations, with the scrap system and scaled damage numbers, has a lot that World could learn from as well.

Smash Bros is Smash. The soundtrack is magical.

Kenshi is probably my standout weird indie game that I picked up. It’s something to the tune of Morrowind where your characters (!) aren’t special. You can build up a town, it’s heavily moddable, and it’s just really enjoyable. Your characters also physically change in appearance based on their stats, which is fascinating. Of course, there have been people who have modded that to only be disabled for women (ugh) but it’s a really neat feature.

  1. disgaea 5
  2. a girl adrift
  3. love nikki
  4. idle poring
  5. wayward
  6. dungeons and dragons 2e
  7. warhammer quest
  8. final fantasy xv
  9. lost sphear demo
  10. final fantasy xii zodiac age
  11. mario kart 8
  12. crypt of the necrodancer
  13. creeper world 3: arc eternal
  14. kirby star allies
  15. monster hunter world
  16. monster hunter 4 ultimate
  17. monster hunter generations
  18. factorio
  19. dwarf fortress
  20. hyrule warriors definitive edition
  21. machiavillain
  22. dark souls remastered
  23. misadventures of tron bonne
  24. splatoon 2
  25. diablo 3 eternal collection
  26. evo search for eden
  27. link to the past: randomizer
  28. captain toad treasure tracker
  29. octopath traveler
  30. pokemon go
  31. harvest seasons
  32. overcooked 2
  33. pokemon heartgold
  34. little dragon’s cafe
  35. rocket robot on wheels
  36. mystical ninja starring goemon
  37. monster hunter world (pc)
  38. monster hunter generations ultimate
  39. infinitode
  40. holes.io
  41. magic the gathering arena
  42. smash brothers ultimate
  43. kenshi
  44. pokemon let’s go eevee