2018 shows

Alli Grant Est. 1 minutes (121 words)
A year in review of the shows I've watched.


Lego Elves was surprisingly good. Little Witch Academia was adorable. She-Ra was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, Noelle Stevenson worked absolute magic with that reboot. Hilda was fantastic and full of Gravity Falls feelings. The Dragon Prince was a great spiritual successor to Avatar?

Look, we all know I’m lying if I say that I mostly started watching any of those with the kids. I did not.

I didn’t track web series this year, but if I had, they would have mostly been Katherine of Sky’s let plays.

  1. adventure time
  2. steven universe
  3. lego elves
  4. sesame street
  5. little witch academia
  6. rwby
  7. astro boy
  8. pokemon
  9. aggretsuko
  10. archer
  11. sailor moon
  12. the dragon prince
  13. seven deadly sins
  14. she-ra and the princesses of power
  15. hilda
  16. fraggle rock