2019 shows

Alli Grant Est. 1 minutes (143 words)
A year in review of the shows I've watched. A much delayed year in review post.

Oops. There’s just been a lot going on so I haven’t gotten around to these, and I know they only mean much to me, but I like having them shared.

Not a whole lot of anything to comment on here, we re-watched a lot of things with the kids primarily, but Dragon Prince (which had some of the same backing as Avatar) was a delight. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of it as the story continues to develop. The new Carmen Sandiego was also fairly enjoyable, as someone who loved the old show as a kid, though our kids got a bit bored of it?

  1. steven universe
  2. rwby
  3. sesame street
  4. carmen sandiego (2019)
  5. the dragon prince
  6. a series of unfortunate events
  7. tangled before ever after
  8. umbrella academy
  9. she-ra and the princesses of power
  10. avatar the last airbender
  11. avatar legend of korra