Links roundup for the week of July 24, 2023

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (249 words)
A few more links for the end of July!

Not a lot that I’ve really seen that caught my eye this week, but here’s a bit.


Does anyone other than me always remember that old “What if Wes Anderson made X-Men” video? Well, the guy who did it put down his thoughts on the generative AI trend of “Wes Anderson” videos, which are… bland.


Interesting thoughts on game difficulty, indirectly via Zachtronics.

Context is important in localization, and Final Fantasy XIV is doing a great job at it.

Blizzard can’t write women. Which came up because…

We started playing Diablo 4. I’m.. I have primarily negative thoughts. I’ve not read all of this (as we’ve not finished the whole game yet) but oomfies. It’s … starting off weak and I suspect only going to get weaker. The title here, “Diablo 4 is a Black Sabbath Shirt from Kohl’s” really does feel like the game so far. It’s… grittier and gore-ier than 3, I guess. Everything looks the same. Skills feel bland and only getting 6 buttons to use them in doesn’t help. Skill vine instead of skill tree. That’s complaints for a full post at some point, it’s not really related to much of this link.


Cathode Ray Dude, 7 users on 1 pc. This is a fascinating video about a thin client technology from about 15 years ago that did some shenanigans to allow you to, with impressive results, share a single machine to a number of users.