Video games... good actually?

Alli Grant Est. 2 minutes (238 words)
Oops, so much for that posting streak.

Well then.

So we picked up Diablo 4 to play with a friend, and… I’ve got a post about that I need to clean up, because the frustration there got me back into playing Diablo 2 and also Diablo 3.

You know what? Give Diablo 3 another shot, if you last played it at launch. Preferably on console. It’s dramatically better – inventory makes more sense, button limitations make more sense, and they’ve cleaned up a lot. The story’s still… what it is, but at least it doesn’t feel like corporate-design-by-committee slop that’s designed to be as palatable to as many regions as possible. The areas are vibrant and pretty. It’s ended up as a pretty solid game, really. Couch co-op definitely improves it.

And… then the multiplayer Vampire Survivors update dropped. That game is a masterpiece, and adding couch co-op to it only makes it even better. Not quite at 100% yet, but what a lovely chill experience.

… followed by Armored Core 6.

So, I’ve been a fan of the Armored Core series since the 90s. This entry is good. If you’re looking for a game to prepare for it because you aren’t getting it yet or are on the fence about a modern game at full price, I’d say go with 4/For Answer as probably one of the better comparisons. There’s some tweaking it needs and will presumably get soon, but damn. Video game good.