sept 2017 starbound updates

Alli Grant Est. 1 minutes (148 words)
Quick update on Starbound mods...

Whew, been rather quiet this year! We moved to a new house, had some job shuffles, gotten engaged, and so on and so forth–that’s made things rather hectic and blogging isn’t exactly something I’m in a regular habit of doing. Anyway, moving on to the actual interesting thing–Starbound!

Starbound has had a lot of changes with 1.3.2, and as such, we’re finally getting back into playing. I’ve updated Printable Storage to v2 because of that, and also added a new mod–Cleanbound! Cleanbound isn’t everything we want in a mod, so we’ll be coming out with Eww! (I’ll write it up when we do!) later, but it’s a quick mod to remove biomes like flesh and bone from Garden planets. Basically, we want them to be reasonable worlds to settle instead of just Barren worlds, since Frackin’ Universe does way too much to justify installing.

That’s all for now!