Getting Windows 11 to Not Be Awful

Alli Grant Est. 4 minutes (677 words)
It's not a usable operating system, sorry.

This is to keep a record for setting up any new machines I get that happen to be unfortunate enough to have to deal with Windows 11 for some reason on. This’ll probably need an update as they force more generative AI nonsense into the OS, but for now, this more or less covers it.


So, so many reasons. Look, I’ve used a lot of versions of Windows. It’s normally my daily driver OS because of gaming and compatibility at large, but damn, have they made the worst version since Millenium Edition of late.

Here’s a mostly-unordered list of my problems:

the applications that help

These are the easy fixes. Just install a bunch of things and you get most of a usable operating system again.

Start 11

Not freeware, but this is basically one of the stars of the show. This lets you fix most things with the taskbar or start menu.


So, so many settings fixes. Context menus, a lot of taskbar stuff, etc.

Modern Flyouts

I don’t honestly like this as much as I liked the flyouts in 10, but it’ll do. At least you can get something with readable contrast and in the right position.


I don’t have a source for this one that doesn’t seem sketchy as hell, but Modern Flyouts can’t hide the included OSD, so you end up with two. This hides the built-in OSD, letting you see subtitles again.

the process that can help

So if you have a Windows 10 machine, you can fix a lot of other problems yourself. This will absolutely void your warranty and I’m not supporting this. If these instructions don’t make sense to you, you probably do not want to try this.

With that said: Do this on both the Windows 10 and Windows 11 machine, so that you have backups in case anything goes horribly wrong.

This will work reliably on Snipping Tool, but Task Manager seems to override itself.

some other settings

Scroll bars are now considered “accessibility” instead of, I don’t know, basic functionality. You can re-enable them at Settings > Accessibility > Visual effects > Always show scroll bars.